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In 2003, ZAKA launched an innovative program, strategically placing emergency first aid stations in well-trafficked public areas around the country, including shopping malls, central bus stations and key public institutions. The contents of the station, which include first aid material and resuscitation equipment, can also be used as an immediate response in incidents of heart failure.

ZAKA offers a free loan system for medical equipment, including hundreds of wheelchairs, emergency first aid and supplies, which is available to all Israelis.

In order to reduce the number of incidents of unnatural death caused by negligence, ignorance and carelessness, ZAKA has instituted a range of information campaigns aimed at different, high-risk sectors of the public. These include traffic safety campaigns, information campaigns to reduce the risk of accidents in the home and on hikes, as well as an emergency first aid course for mothers and caregivers, run together with the Ministry of Health.