ZAKA is proud to offer emergency preparedness courses with a focus on terror attacks and natural disasters to groups and communities around the world. Through this specialized training, ZAKA enables communities to provide a local and immediate  operational repose during a mass casualty incident in their area.

ZAKA’s goal in offering emergency preparedness courses is to export their knowledge to relevant local bodies in order for them to save lives, honor the dead and manage crises in their own communities.

During the introduction to emergency and disaster incidents course, participants learn about terrorism, earthquakes, tsunamis, wars and negligent hazards. Participants are then trained in first aid, search, and medical rescue. Unique to ZAKA, is their ability to educate about the proper handling of disaster victims.

All participants of ZAKA training programs must undergo an exam to ensure that they are proficient in the information and skills they will need in the event of a disaster.


For more information, please contact us at info@friendsofzaka.org