LA Students pack ZAKA first aid kits in Jerusalem HQ

LA Students pack ZAKA first aid kits in Jerusalem HQ

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“Display Your faithfulness in wondrous deeds, You who deliver with Your right hand those who seek refuge from assailants.” (Psalms 17:7) For information about The Israel Bible, click here.

About 40 students from Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Los Angeles packed first aid kits for ZAKA volunteers as part of their recent Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour to Israel.

After a short introduction to the work of ZAKA in the Jerusalem headquarters, the students packed essential emergency supplies into the bags to be distributed to ZAKA volunteers in the field.

According to David Rose, ZAKA International Director, the students were excited to take part in a chesed(charity) project, which made their visit to Jerusalem even more meaningful. “We presented the students with individual certificates of appreciation and invited them to continue along this same path of chesed when they return home, by adopting a project in their school and communities to support ZAKA. We invite groups visiting Israel to include a ZAKA chesed project as part of their program. It’s a win-win situation, with both the participants and recipients benefiting from the experience.”

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