Walking for ZAKA – in New Jersey!

Walking for ZAKA – in New Jersey!

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“If I forget you, O Yerushalayim, let my right hand wither.” (Psalms 137:5) For information about The Israel Bible, click here.

Jerusalem Day – or Yom Yerushalayim – which commemorates the reunification of Israel’s eternal capital in June 1967, is a special day in our calendars, not just for those living in Israel.

One Jewish community in Verona, New Jersey, chose to mark the day with a community Walk for ZAKA, in which men, women and children of all ages joined in. The walk was organized by the congregation Ahawas Achim B’nai Jacob and the David Israel Action and Advocacy Committee.

To date, the walk has raised over $4,300 for the organization, as well as awareness of the sacred work that ZAKA volunteers are doing 24/7, in Israel and around the world.

ZAKA invites you to arrange a fundraising event in your community – and will be happy to provide assistance. Help us spread the word about ZAKA in your community!

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